Delta Kappa Epsilon

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Why Join DKE?

Delta Kappa Epsilon has been at the University of Illinois for over 100 years. As one of Illinois' oldest fraternities, we honor our traditions. As one of the country's oldest fraternities, we take our history seriously. The achievements of our alumni are remarkable and diverse, ranging from J.P. Morgan's remaking of the financial world to George Steinbrenner's rebuilding of New York baseball. Dekes have walked on the moon, trekked the North Pole, and called the White House home. Yet we define ourselves and our brotherhood not by the accomplishments on our resumes but by the strength of our bonds, the diversity of our passions, and our embrace of new ideas. Dekes are known to be, broadly speaking, "gentlemen, scholars, and jolly good-fellows."

Join Delta Kappa Epsilon if you want to get more out of college. Being a Deke means leaving the University of Illinois with incredible stories, unique memories, leadership experience, valuable connections, and Brothers for life -- to name a few. We do things we've always dreamed of doing; we do things we never thought we could. We tear down walls; we open doors. With DKE, don't expect to dream small or think little.